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That Aaron Walker Band is a force to be reckoned with. ”


If there was a sound that captures the words Outlaw, Hey Y'all, and Yee Haw this side of the Nolichucky, there would be no other group that comes to mind clearer than Aaron Walker and the band that backs him. Aaron Walker Band delivers a very energetic feel on stage with passion and a burning for what some may say is missing in certain realms of country music today. They are a group of guys all born and raised in the hills of East Tennessee and have been bringing their own style and sound to the country music scene. The band consists of Taylor Johnson on guitar and vocals, Daniel Messer on guitar and vocals, Ethan Maltsburger on bass, Tad Norton on drums, and the man with the name himself Aaron Walker handling the reins and lead vocals.

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Aaron Walker Band with Colt Ford

Aaron Walker Band has opened shows and performed alongside various national and regional acts such as Colt Ford.

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